Questions You Should Ask Your Solicitor

Questions You Should Ask Your Solicitor

Before hiring a solicitor it is always important to gain a good understanding of what they can actually offer to you and the depth of their legal knowledge. This will allow you to determine whether or not they are best-suited to help you with your case. This can often be difficult for those who have never needed to hire a solicitor before, so it is important that you take advantage of your initial consultation to ask some questions that will allow you to get an idea of what your chosen solicitor has to offer. Consider asking all of the following during that consultation.

What Area of Law Do You Specialise In?

This is one of the most important questions that you will need to ask, as law is an extremely complex field with many different areas and practically no legal professionals will be able to provide a quality service in every single one of those area. Ask your legal professional what they specialise in and how that area of law is relevant to your case. If they are unable to provide a satisfactory answer, it may be a good idea to seek a solicitor who works more directly in the area of law that your case is relevant to.

How Long Have Your Practiced?
The amount of experience that your solicitor has may prove to be extremely important, especially in more complex cases. While a less-experienced solicitor may have all of the legal knowledge required to handle your case, they may not fully understand how to present the case in a court of law, which is particularly worrying if they don’t have a more experience legal professional looking over their shoulder. Always establish the level of experience that your solicitor has before making a choice.
Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine?
While every case that a solicitor works on will present its own unique challenges, there will also usually be commonality with a case that the solicitor has worked on before that they can refer back to. Ideally, you want to work with a legal professional that has worked on cases similar to your before, as this means they will be better able to handle the various issues relating to that type of case as efficiently as possible. Don’t be shy about asking the solicitor about their track record with these cases either, so you can determine if they have a solid winning record.

How Will We Communicate?
Communication is going to be very important during the course of your legal proceedings. Your solicitor should put a communication strategy in place to ensure that you are kept informed about the progress of your case and that you don’t miss out on any important information. An uncommunicative solicitor does little to inspire confidence, so make sure you understand the channels you will use to communicate and how often you will speak.

What Are Your Fees?
This is one of the most important questions because you will need to know if you can actually afford the service that the solicitor is offering. Ask about how much you can expect to pay and how you will be billed for these services so you can be certain that your budget allows for the case to be taken on by your chosen solicitor.