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Public Law is our Forte. Understanding Public Law is no ordinary task, it requires great analytical skills, know how of the salient legislation and rules as well as the understanding of the client’s situation and the subsequent formalities involved.  We are proud to inform you that ours is a well-established and reputed firm comprising of expert Public Law solicitors in London.

  • Fadiga & Co is a London based law firm dedicated to resolving all kinds of issues pertaining to public law in the UK
  • We have extensive experience of advising, assisting and representing clients in relation to challenging the decisions of public bodies such as Government Departments, Health Authorities, Local Authorities where we believe decisions have not been made lawfully.
  • Our team comprises of human rights and public law specialists who are always available to help.
  • We can assist clients with:
    • Contacting Public Bodies about decisions that we believe have not been lawfully made ;
    • Using formal Complaints Procedures;
    • Representing in Court Actions such as Judicial Reviews, County Court and High Court Actions for Declarations, Injunctions, Orders and Damages.

We can represent clients in a wide range of public law claims including:
• Community Care
• Housing
• Immigration
• Nationality
• Asylum
• Social Service Matters
• Disclosure and Barring Issues
• Professional Regulatory Issues

Understanding of UK Public LAW
  • Public Law is a set of legal principles and regulations that governs/monitors the public bodies’ exercise of power
  • In this context, public bodies refer to those Government Departments and Institutions, local authorities, housing associations, prison service, NHS, coroner’s courts and similar other authorities
  • As per the principles of UK public law, public bodies are required to act fairly and responsibly when making decisions which affect the rights of individuals.
  • In the UK public bodies are required to act in perfect accordance with established legal principles, policies and guidelines and to ensure that human rights of citizens are never breached
  • If any public body or official fail to act according to the law, or makes a decision about the citizens’ legal rights and entitlements that is not in accordance with the law, then the decision can be challenged by way of legal proceedings or by simply lodging a complaint.
  • It is worth noting that there are certain decisions made by public bodies against which an individual cannot exercise a right of appeal. Those decisions can be challenged through judicial review
Why Choose Fadiga & Co for Public Law related Claims?
  • In comparison to other law firms, Fadiga & Co has a wealth of experience and resources to handle any aspect of Public Law and has a team of efficient, credible and reliable public law solicitors
  • Our team is quite experienced in all aspects of public law related claims and judicial reviews
  • We will clearly and comprehensively inform you about the salient requirements of the law and also about your eligibility to file for a claim against any public body
  • We have already resolved a number of public law cases with full dedication and commitment and our record of success is a clear proof of the professional viability of our public law solicitors
  • Our solicitors offer up-to-date and reliable information about all kinds of public law related issues because they receive regular training to keep up with the changing trends and policies of the law
  • This is why our solicitors have in-depth knowledge about every aspect of public law
  • We can easily monitor the defendant’s approach in a variety of cases and this enables us to identify inconsistencies of any type that might affect your case or that may go in favor of our client
  • When we deal with a large class of case we ensure conduct of several parties, that is, we get lead cases and steer the course of the litigation so that our clients’ success could be guaranteed
How we can help you?
  • When you reach out to our skilled team of public law specialists, we will honestly provide you the best possible advice and guidance
  • Our team is used to dealing with out of applications to obtain emergency orders and interim relief if required so as to prevent human rights breaches
  • We can fully assist you in the judicial review proceedings and offer suitable advice for actions for damages in not just the County Court but also at High Court
  • We have the experience of pursuing matters in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court
  • With years of experience and handling complicated cases, we can proudly state that we are capable of providing help in different types of cases
  • Whether you need to challenge or inquire about decisions made by public bodies, corporations, business enterprises, pressure groups or charities, simply contact our expert public law solicitors in London to get the best guidance
  • You can count upon us for either making a claim or defending the claim on your behalf.
  • Whether you need to appear before a public inquiry or select committee or if you are concerned about the misuse of personal information, we can provide full support and legal assistance
  • We offer dedicated process of resolving the issue because we understand your wider interest at stake, which can be reputational, financial, organizational, commercial or human rights related
  • Our specialist public law solicitors immediately get to the heart of the issue and try their utmost to offer realistic and practical advice to enable you to confidently navigate the wider picture regarding the litigation or inquiry that you might be facing or the claim that you intend to pursue


Legal Aid
Fadiga & Co have been awarded a Contract by the Legal Aid Agency to undertake Public Law. This contract is a recognition of our experience, knowledge and expertise in this area of work. Our public law contract enables us to advise and assist and represent clients under Public Funding ( Legal Aid).

In certain type of cases such as those related to immigration/asylum, mental health or discrimination based upon race/ethnicity/gender/age etc, it is possible for citizens in the UK to apply for legal aid

Fadiga & Co’s expert public law solicitors will assess your position and inform you whether you qualify for legal aid.  If you don’t qualify for legal aid, we will guide you about the best way to fund your case
Private funding
Our experience and expertise in public law means we can offer you affordable rates and an agreed fee where possible for each stage of your case.

Conditional Fees

We may be able to deal with your Public Law matter on a no-win no fee basis or no-win reduced fee basis.

Insurance Policies

Some insurance policies provide for legal expenses cover which may be able to pay for your case.
If you have a public law matter you would like to discuss please contact Amarjit Ahluwalia , Public Law Solicitor, on is 0208 672 8779.