Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Solicitors in London

We act for individuals in a wide range of personal injury claims

Personal injuries are non-preventable. Millions of people get injured every year while travelling, driving, at home, at work or somewhere outdoors. In a majority of such cases, the injured person is not to be blamed because the injury is caused as a result of someone else’s fault, especially if it is an accident. In such situations, the victim can make a claim for compensation.

Why you need personal injury solicitor?

  • It is a fact that UK’s personal injury laws are complex and hard to understand on your own
  • Without the counseling and guidance of a personal injury solicitor, it is very difficult to make a claim for compensation
  • The solicitor will help the claimant understand the procedure in a straightforward manner
  • Only an experienced personal injury solicitor can tell you if your claim for compensation has merits or not and what are your chances of success
  • The solicitor will deal with insurance companies on your behalf too so that your personal circumstances are rightfully considered

Why Choose Fadiga & Co Solicitors for Personal Injury Claims

  • What makes Fadiga & Co one of the best teams to be consulted for personal injury claims is that our lawyers have over 20 years’ experience in this field
  • We can proudly claim that our team is capable of handling all kinds of personal injury claims including all types of accidents
  • We have created a large network of solicitors and advisors which also consists of leading Toxic and Tort Litigation specialists
  • We have also vast knowledge in dealing with claims made against multinational oil companies, landlords and waste management authorities’ irregularities
  • Fadiga & Co never makes false guarantees but it is a fact that over 97% of the compensation cases handled by our team have resulted in success for our clients
  • We can perfectly and professionally handle injury compensation claims whether it involves a motor vehicle accident, injury caused by another person’s negligence, workplace injury, etc.
  • Our experienced solicitors rapidly identify problems and offer the best advice to our clients
  • We value relationships and that’s why we try to create a bond with our clients by delivering fast, effective and up-to-date legal advice
  • If you are unable to pay, Fadiga & Co can take on your case on a no win no fee basis so you can trust us in personal injury claim issues

When to make a Personal Injury Compensation claim?

  • If you feel that your workplace offers hazardous work environment (such as you are constantly exposed to chemicals and toxins) you can claim compensation for injuries from your employer
  • In case of an accident involving traffic/road/tripping/slipping/workplace accidents, etc.
  • A drug released by a drug company that resulted in adverse consequences after you took it, then you can sue the company for provision of toxic drug
  • If your landlord has rented you a property that is affected with toxic mold, or has lead paint and asbestos then you can sue the landlord for injuries that were caused by these toxic substances
  • Hazardous environment at the workplace such as use of chemicals or excessive smoke that leads to severe health issues will allow you to sue your employer
  • If a company doesn’t dispose of dangerous/toxic waste appropriately and it has resulted in contaminating natural resources on your land or drinking water thereby leading to negatively affecting your health would also qualify you to file a claim against that company
  • If a company has sold you herbicide or pesticide designed to wipe off plants or bugs but the product causes damage to your health then you can sue the manufacturer and/or distributor of that pesticide/herbicide

What information you need to Provide Personal Injury Solicitors?

  • Your solicitor would need to know the date on which the accident/incident occurred
  • How and where the accident happened
  • Injury related details including medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Information about any witnesses of the accident (including their contact details)
  • If you are a trade union member or possess legal expenses insurance. If you do, then your legal costs may be covered by the insurance company
  • You will also be required to provide evidence of financial expenses that you had to bear and any loss of earnings due to the injury
  • Insurance policy documents if you have any like motor insurance or household insurance to assess if your legal expenses can be covered under the policies
  • Any type of evidence that can be used in support of your claim such as any previous documents that happened in similar circumstances

What happens after the claim is filed?

  • If you have decided to take the matter to the court, you first need to take advice from your solicitor to understand whether you qualify to file a claim or not
  • When you receive the green signal from the solicitor, he will advise you about the procedure
  • After complying with the pre-action protocol your case will be filed at court.
  • Your solicitor will inform you about the necessary preparations that are to be made before the hearing
  • Many people find it stressful to go to the court but you need to remember that when you have a competent solicitor by your side, you will most definitely be well-prepared for appearing in court
  • The solicitor will explain to you everything about the court hearing and what to expect
  • After the hearing, you will have to wait for the judgement and find out if you have won the case and awarded compensation
  • Since Fadiga & Co offers a no win no fee service for personal injury cases, you will only have to pay the solicitor’s fee after you have won the case
  • We normally advise our clients to take out an after the event insurance, so that in the event of losing the case, you do not have to pay the other side’s costs out of your pocket
  • Our expert personal injury solicitors will explain all the consequences to you and also will update you about your options
  • It is important to note that a majority of personal injury claims go in favour of the victim instead of the defendant. It all depends upon the type of evidence and the legitimacy of the claim.


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