Mustafa Patwa

He qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and he has been working predominantly with refugees and vulnerable migrants for the past 20 years. Mustafa has an extensive experience with asylum and human rights applications and has represented clients at all levels in the immigration and asylum process from initial applications, judicial reviews and appeals up to and including the Supreme Court.

Over the years, Mustafa has represented refugees and migrants of varying social, cultural and educational backgrounds, reflecting the fluctuating and dynamic cycle of international political changes and conflicts.

Many of those he represents are extremely vulnerable victims of torture or seriously ill and are suffering the impact of severe physical and mental trauma. As such, he has in the course of his career developed good connections with health professionals and is often referred cases of refugees/migrants with serious health conditions. As a result he has developed a good understanding and his sensitive to the specific needs and requirements of refugees and migrants of varying capacities.

In the course of his work as a human rights lawyer, his main objective and ethos has always been to ensure that he remains focused and honest to his clients’ individual needs and personal identity and experience as human beings.  It is their humanity after all which requires protection.

Morris Terrance