Visitor Visa

Visitor Visas

Visitor Visas UK – All You Need to Know 

  • Visitor Visas :  The purpose of visiting the UK could be anything from meeting family members to touring the country, getting medical treatment, attending a wedding, doing business or participating in a sports competition.
  • Depending upon the mature of your visit, you need to apply for a specific visitor visa.
  • Generally, applicants get six months to stay in the UK but those applying as academic visitors or parents of children at school in the UK can stay for 12 months at most

Mandatory Requirements for Visiting UK

Visitor Visa : Following conditions will be applicable for all categories of visitor’s visa.

  • Individuals need to demonstrate that they won’t stay in the UK any longer than their visa’s proposed deadline
  • They will leave the UK before their visa expires
  • Applicants must have sufficient funds to reside and accommodate themselves or any dependents without recourse to UK public funds
How we can help you?
  • In order for your application to be accepted you must apply for the most appropriate category of visitor visa otherwise your application will be refused with no right of appeal
  • If you breach any of the visa conditions while you stay in the UK, you can expect to face adverse consequences
  • Fadiga & Co recommends that you consult us before applying for a UK visitor visa so that you are able to prevent any legal complexities that may arise
  • Fadiga & Co is your ultimate guide and advisor regarding all applications made for entering the UK as a visitor
  • Our expert solicitors work day and night to make sure that your application is fool-proof and according to the set criteria and requirements of the Home Office
  • Our visitor visa advisors boast of extensive experience in all categories of applications

Visitor Visa Categories

Fadiga & Co can help with applications for the following categories:

General Visitor Visa

  • Individuals wishing to visit the UK for tourism, sightseeing or meeting family/friends need to apply as general visitor
  • Applicants must demonstrate that the intention is to visit the country for a brief period (which should not exceed 6 months)
  • Applicants also need to prove that the cost of return and stay in the country can be met by themselves without needing to work in the UK

Activities Prohibited for General Visitors:

  • Cannot work or study in the UK
  • Cannot undertake business, entertaining or sporting activities
  • Cannot marry or register a civil partnership
  • Cannot receive private medical treatment
  • Cannot be a transit passenger to any state outside the Common Travel Area

Family Visitor Visa

You can apply for Family Visitor Visa in the following situations:

  • Need to meet a family member residing in the UK
  • You come from outside Switzerland and/or the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Family Visitor Visa allows you to stay in the UK for six months
  • You can apply for longer duration Family visitor visa but you will need to prove that you are bound to visit the UK repeatedly for prolonged period
  • If you get long-term family visitor visa, the duration can last for 1,2,5 or even 10 years
  • On each visit you are allowed to stay for 6 months at most
  • Applicants need to show that they are visiting any of the below mentioned family members on their visit to the UK:
    • Spouse
    • Civil partner
    • Children
    • Parents
    • Siblings
    • Grandparents
    • Grandchildren
    • Spouse or civil partner’s parents/siblings
    • Step parents
    • Step children/step siblings
    • Spouse of child
    • Spouse of civil partner
    • Someone in a long-term relationship for at least past two years
Who Can Apply?
  • Individuals who are 18 years old or above and need to visit the UK for less than 6 months with the intention of leaving the UK before visa expires can apply.
  • Applicants must be financially capable of maintaining and accommodating themselves in the UK during their stay without recourse to public funds or have family members/friends who can do that.

Please note that your family member must be either of the following:

  • A British citizen
  • Settled in the UK
  • Living under humanitarian protection in the UK
  • Refugee in the UK

– Child Visitor Visa

Who can Apply?
  • Under 18 individuals
  • Those coming from outside the Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Who need to stay in the UK for a maximum duration of 6-12 months
  • Those travelling with an academic visitor such as researcher or teacher
  • To apply for longer duration as a child visitor in the UK, you must prove that repeated visits are necessary. Then you will get a multiple entry visa for as long as 10 years, but each visit should be no more than 6 months long.
  • A child visitor visa will expire 6 months after you turn 18 years old and then you will need to apply as an adult
  • Child visitors can take a short academic course that must be completed within 6 months
Child visitors are not allowed to:
  • Work in the UK
  • Register for a civil partnership or get married
  • Bring along family members or dependents
  • Seek private medical treatment
  • Access UK public funds
  • Study at any government funded school except if the visit is educational or part of an exchange program

Business Visitor Visa

Who can Apply?
  • Those wanting to get funding for starting/taking-over/joining/running a business in the UK
  • People who need to attend interviews/conferences, perform site visits, sign contracts, make arrangements for deals and/or deliver international goods or passengers from overseas
  • Other conditions that call for applying as business visitor includes:
  1. Participation in a sporting event
  2. Artist/musician/entertainer visiting the UK to perform
  3. Academic researchers
  4. Academic personnel accompanying students under a study abroad   program
  5. Doctors/dentists entering the UK on observer post or to undertake clinical   attachment
  6. Those wishing to undertake Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test or Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test
General Guidelines:
  • Business visitors can participate in the business-related activities according to visa instructions
  • Study for no more than 30 days but it shouldn’t be the main reason for visiting the UK
  • Participate in an educational visit or exchange program (only under 18 year olds)
  • Business visitors generally stay for 6 months but if the visitor has private medical treatment visa then the duration can be extended to 11 months
Business Visitors cannot:
    • Perform paid or underpaid work
    • Reside in the UK for longer durations via frequent visits
    • Marry while visiting
    • Register a civil partnership
    • Get notice of civil partnership or marriage
    • Try to access public funds

Entertainer Visitor

Who can Apply?
  • Professional or amateur entertainers wishing to visit the UK for participating in an entertainment event or a series of events
  • Those participating in music/arts/culture related competition or engagement
  • Those who need to give an audition
  • Team members or support staff of an entertainer attending an engagement in the UK
General Requirements:
  • Applicants must prove that they need to visit the country for a Genuine entertainer activity such as evidence of participation in an event
  • Applicants intend to visit the UK for no more than 6 months
  • Applicants can meet the cost of stay, return and onward journey
Please note:
  • Amateur entertainers cannot receiver sponsorship/fees but can receive cash prizes and living/boarding-lodging expenses
  • Entertainers cannot study or work in the UK
  • You cannot charge the public for provision of services or receiving goods
  • Applicants must not intend to set up a base in the UK
  • Reception of fees/salary/remuneration from overseas is mandatory
  • Visitors cannot marry or register for a civil partnership


  1. Prospective Entrepreneur Visa (PEV)
  • It is a Tier 1 visa
  • To apply you must first secure adequate funding to meet the financial requirements of the points-based system of Tier 1 (minimum score is 95pts.)
  • Individuals who need to invest in a business in the UK or assume control of a UK-based business can apply for PEV
Those who receive the visa can:
  • Expect 3 years’ visa
  • Start a new business
  • Join an existing business
  • Take control of a UK based enterprise

However, receivers of PEV cannot seek employment or study in the UK.

Sports Visitor Visa

Permitted Paid Engagements Visitor Visa or simply sports visitor visa can be applied for by:

  • Sportspeople of 18 years age or above
  • Sports team related support staff/officials who need to participate in a sporting event/competition/related activity
  • Those participating in competitive sports event/charity event/ exhibition/tournament/series of sporting events
  • Joining any amateur sports team in the UK
  • For promotional or personal appearance
  • Signing a sports related sponsorship deal
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Participating in short-term training or sports trials individually or as part of a team

As with the requirement of other categories of visitor visa, receivers of Sports visa cannot study or work in the UK. They must leave the country before visa expires and need to meet certain character and health requirements as instructed.

Marriage/Civil Partnership Visitor Visa

Who can apply?
  • People 18 years or older who are free to marry
  • Individuals wishing to get married in the UK or register a civil partnership with someone not settled in the UK such as fiancé of person who has limited leave to live (work or student visa holder)
  • Those seeking to visit the country to marry a UK national need to apply for Fiancé Visa
  • Those who do not intend to settle or remain in the UK after visa expires
General Requirements
  • Applicants must genuinely need entry for marriage
  • Stay should not exceed 6 months’ timeline
  • Visitors cannot study or work in the UK
  • Visitors must be free to marry during the visit
  • Adequate funding is available to maintain living and accommodation in the UK
  • Applicants must prove that they are in a genuine relationship

Private Medical treatment Visitor Visa

This visa allows individuals to undergo private medical treatment in the UK.

Who can apply?
  • Those trying to visit the UK for private medical treatment and are from outside Switzerland and/or the European Economic Area
  • Those who meet the requirements for qualifying for medical treatment
  • Individuals suffering from any communicable disease that is not harmful for general public
  • Who need short-term treatment
  • Possess satisfactory funds to pay for the treatment/consultation
  • Those who have already made consultation arrangements

Visitor in transit Visa UK Visa

There are two types of Transit Visa: Direct Airside Transit Visa and Visitor Transit Visa. Direct Airside visa allows visitors to stay in the UK for no more than 24 hours and stays within the airside (cannot pass through immigration). Visitor transit visa allows stay of 48 hours and visitor may change airports or terminals.

General Guidelines:
  • Direct Airside Transit visa doesn’t let you enter the UK and go past UK border control
  • To enter the UK, you must apply for visit visa or visitor in transit visa
  • In certain situations transit travellers may not need a visa to pass through the UK to enter another country
  • Direct airside transit visa is required if you are a national/citizen of countries not covered by the transit without visa concession

Visitor under the Approved Destination Scheme (ADS) agreement with China Visa

  • Nationals of People’s Republic of China need to apply as ADS visitor
  • The nature of visit should be short-term (only 30 days)
  • Proof of nationality will be required
  • As per the ADS Memorandum of Understanding, applicant need to show that he/she need to enter and travel in the UK as member of a tourist group of 5
  • Visitors cannot work or study in the UK
  • Visitors must leave the UK after the visit and meet the cost of visit, stay and return

Undertaking permitted engagement Visitor Visa

  • People who have been invited to the UK for being an expert in their profession need to apply for this visa category.
  • Applicants must be invited by a client or organization based in the UK
  • Visitor’s intention is to perform specific paid work without needing sponsorship
  • Visitors who belong to a country outside Switzerland or the European Economic Area
General requirements:
  • Visitors should be 18 years or above
  • Visit should not be more than a month
  • Visitor is not in transit to any state outside the UK, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland