EU Law Applications

EU Law Applications

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  • Whether you are an EEA member state national or a non-EEA country national, and whether you need to work or study in the UK or just want to get leave to reside in the UK as self sufficient person we will explain to you all the regulations of the European law and Home Office rules and procedures
  • With our help, you and your family can freely exercise your right to stay in the United Kingdom
  • We offer in-depth legal guidance and the best advice about every aspect relating to European law
  • You must remember that EEA nationals benefit from European Free Movement provisions and it is essential that you consult our experts in European Law with the full know how of EU legislation as well as the way it is implemented
  • We specialise in providing excellent advice on EU migration law so if any aspect of law is confusing you or you are not sure how to proceed then immediately contact us

EU Law Applications

EU Law applications or EEA are like a window of opportunity for people wishing to receive entry clearance to the UK, which is quite similar to a visa, for themselves and their families

  • Fadiga & Co can assist with all aspect of EU Law applications for those EU citizen and their non – EU family members who intend to work and or reside in the UK
  • The condition is that they must be family members or relatives of any EEA member state nationals
  • Categories of EU Applications
  • Nationals of EEA can apply for Residence Card or Permanent Residence in the UK
  • Immediate family members/dependent relatives of EEA nationals can also apply for Residence Card or Permanent Residence
Retained rights of residence
  • This right is exercised by people who are related to an EEA national through civil partnership or marriage but the relation no longer exist due to divorce, dissolution or death or the departure of the EEA national from the United Kingdom
  • As per the provisions of EU law, you may be able to retain your right of residence in the UK
Derivative rights of residence

You may qualify for derivative rights of residence in the UK if you match the criteria of any of the following categories:

  • You are the primary carer/guardian of a British born child and/or a dependent adult and asking the primary carer to exit the UK would mean forcing the British national to leave with the carer
  • You are the primary carer of a child who happens to be an EEA national and exercising free movement rights in the UK as a self-sufficient individual and asking you to leave the country would deprive the child from exercising these rights
  • The child of an EEA national who is a worker or an ex-worker and the child is enrolled in an educational institute in the UK can exercise derivative rights of residence
  • You are the primary carer/guardian of a child of a current or former EEA national worker and the child is studying in the UK, if you are asked to leave the country, the decision will prevent the child from continuing education in the UK
  • You are an under-18 child dependent on a primary carer/guardian who falls under any of the above mentioned categories and a decision for you to leave the UK would mean the primary carer will also have to leave the UK
  • It is worth noting that after the Brexit Vote, documentation has become necessary for EU countries’ nationals
How we can help you?
  • Fadiga & Co’s expert EU Law solicitors direct all their efforts in protecting your interests and making sure that your application is submitted according to the requirements of UK law
  • While your entry clearance application is pending, we will try our best to get it processed by the officials as soon as possible
  • It is our policy to keep our clients updated about the progress of your immigration matter and any further requirements from the Home Office will be duly facilitated and resolved on time by us
  • To ensure that your application captures attention of immigration officials, our experts will prepare full representations that will introduce and support your application
Why Choose Fadiga & Co’s EU Law Solicitors?
  • Our specialist EU Law Solicitors in London are considered the best in the field due to their vast experience and trustworthiness and high success rate in immigration matters
  • We specialize in advising clients from the EEA and their non-EEA relatives/family members/dependants regarding all aspects of the EU law
  • If you need most authentic legal advice from experts in EU law for working, living or studying in the UK and other legal matters pertaining to EU law then we can help you commendably
  • Immigration laws are constantly evolving and soliciting in this area of practice is also changing pretty fast, hence it is important to acquire up-to-date information about your immigration issue
  • Our lawyers are always keeping themselves updated with latest changes in immigration laws, European laws, application processes and requirements
  • It is also our policy to keep up to date with development and changes in both domestic law and EU legislations