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Immigration Law is our Forte. Understanding Immigration Law is no ordinary task, it requires great analytical skills, know how of the salient legislation and rules as well as the understanding of the client’s situation and the subsequent formalities involved.  We are proud to inform you that ours is a well-established and reputed firm comprising of expert immigration solicitors in London.

What do we Offer?

  • Expert Immigration Solicitors in London – UK
  • Professional legal advice according to your needs
  • Fixed payment plan
  • Cost-effective solicitation and guidance
  • No hidden charges
  • With guidance from expert, accredited and qualified UK immigration solicitors, you can expect full peace of mind
  • Confident and up-to-the-mark solicitation service

Our Speciality

  • We cover all areas of UK immigration and Nationality Law
  • We offer exclusive, focused and helpful services to businesses and individual clients
  • Capable of providing productive immigration advice to people trying to apply for UK Visas
  • Quality immigration solicitation offered for UK visas under all Tiers of the Point Based System
  • Excellent guidance provided to clients for explaining the jargons and complexities of all the categories of Point Based System
  • Guaranteed provision of strategic advice after identification of quickest route to Visa settlement for individuals, families and business owners

Our Promise

  • Expert advice from only the most reliable, experienced and professionally viable immigration solicitors in London
  • Our solicitors possess wealth of experience in the field of immigration law
  • Over the years we have managed to assist clients from all walks of life and industries successfully.
  • Whether you want to work or study in the UK and regardless if you are already in the UK or overseas, Fadiga & Co’s expert solicitors offer help with dedication and determination

Why Fadiga & Co Immigration Solicitors are the Best?

We represent a top tier law firm known for provision of quality advice on family and business immigration and work/study Visas. Our firm boasts of the largest legal aid services range in immigration matters and we are fully able to provide a reliable solution as per UK Immigration law and rules no matter how complicated your situation may be.

When you have hired us, you can expect to get:

  • Skilled immigration solicitors and experts to resolve your issue
  • Services from specialist immigration lawyers and solicitors offering highest level of expertise for you
  • In certain immigration and asylum cases, clients can expect free legal advice or assistance under Legal Aid funding scheme if they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Free legal advice under Legal Aid funding also covers complicated cases in the First and Upper Tier Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum chambers
  • We have numerous offices across London and offer specialist immigration services at all branches
  • Nationally recognised excellence is something that makes our team one of the best immigration solicitors in London , UK.
Our Domain of Expertise

You can expect to receive professional, reliable and up-to-date legal advice on a broad range of immigration categories.


Family Visa Applications

We offer expert advice on the entire range of applications that fall under the immigration regulations and the European Union Law. Notable features of our services are as follows:

  • Our Immigration Solicitors in London are capable of collecting most relevant information as per your given circumstances and then offer valid advice on application routes
  • Getting secure UK visas for you and your family is only possible through Fadiga & Co’s expert advice on most workable procedures
  • Individualised application services are offered that are tailored according to your needs
  • We follow a distinct, well-conceived and comprehensive work process in which we get to know your circumstances first before giving advice
  • Establishing your objectives after sorting out complexities is a vital aspect of our services
  • We carefully create the list of required documents and draft descriptive representations in support of your application.
  • We strive to prepare application with thorough attention to detail

Business Immigration

Beware that the rules for business immigration and overseas workers are very strict in the UK and those who fail to comply will be subjected to serious ramifications and penalties. Therefore, if you are seeking to employ staff from outside the European Union, then you must consult us.

How we will help?
  • We will make sure that your workers who are legally living and working in the UK
  • Our expert business Immigration Solicitors in London will help you protect your business from governmental penalties and/or reputational damage
  • We advise businesses and organisation regarding their immigration related obligations
  • Whether you need to employ from abroad or bring foreign workers to the UK we can help you with the entry clearance application and the immigration application procedures
  • In case you need legal advice about your national or international workers’ rights and duties you can seek our help
  • Our objective is to ensure that your actions are in full compliance with immigration law
You can expect exceptional help in the following areas:
  • Tier 1,Tier 2 and Tier 5 sponsorship licenses for temporary or specialist workers
  • Understanding the activities that business visitors to the UK are authorised to carry out
  • Complete document checks for ensuring full-proof visa applications
  • Stay extension and/or settlement applications
  • Issues to consider while setting up business in the UK
  • Helping you deal with migrants in case of a takeover or merger
  • Help in large scale audits for countering illegal actions and ensuing disciplinary issues
  • Assisting with appeals, administrative review, or judicial review applications in case of negative decisions
  • Advising you about dealing with workplace raids, PR issues and business strategies

British Nationality

British Nationality law is quite complex but our specialist Immigration Solicitors in London can provide you matchless advice in this regard.

  • We offer expert advice on the law that is applicable to your circumstances and free from legal jargon
  • If required, an interpreter’s services will be provided to you so that you could communicate with us in your language
  • We draft legal representations prior to submitting your application to the Home Office.

Visitor Visas

  • We offer detailed assessment of your circumstance and guide you towards the right course of action
  • We make sure that you have necessary documents to further support and strengthen your application
  • Our experts will finalise and submit your UK Visitors Visa application

Family Life Applications under Immigration Rule

  • Our focus is upon advising you on the process, requirements and merits of drafting an application
  • We inform you about the necessary documents required as per the relevant immigration law
  • Our expert solicitors assist you in completing and submitting the application forms

EU Law Applications and Immigration Appeals

  • Our dedicated team of EU law solicitors will ensure the best possible representation and results for you or your family at all stages of your immigration application process
  • We will advise you about EU law applications and prepare you for proceedings before the Immigration Tribunal and the Higher Courts
  • Our team will also challenge wrong decisions of EFA applications refusal and other Immigration appeals
  • We work carefully and meticulously to conduct the hearings of appeals
  • We have full knowhow of the relevant case law/ jurisprudence and we represent our client’s appeal case accordingly

Human Rights Applications

Our specialist, accredited human rights lawyers will assist you and your family in seeking asylum or for submission of a human rights application so that you could get the right to stay in the UK. Our team will:

  • Check all your documents
  • Ensure that you apply with accurate, relevant evidence
  • We support your application by drafting, preparing and reviewing it to strengthen your case


For refugees seeking asylum, the United Kingdom is like a safe haven but the Home Office may refuse protection if they deem an applicant not to be a genuine asylum seeker. We at Fadiga & Co ensure to provide you with an expert asylum lawyer.

How can we help?
  • Our team of specialist solicitors are not just skilled but extensively trained in asylum cases
  • With our help, hundreds of clients have secured asylum in the UK
  • We can help both adults and minors in preparing and lodging asylum applications
Who can apply for Asylum?
  • Those who live in the UK under a different immigration category and feel scared of returning to their countries of origin due to impending persecution or risk of torture
  • Those who have fled the country and feel scared of returning due to impending persecution or risk of torture

Judicial Review

Judicial review is a legal procedure through which individuals challenge the legitimacy or lawfulness of decisions made by public bodies. This includes challenging decisions made by the Home Office with no right of appeal.

Fadiga & Co boast of a long-standing record of successful judicial review cases. In our opinion, public bodies must be held accountable when their decisions are deemed wrong in any way. That’s why we offer expert services for judicial review by some of the most recognized and reliable solicitors.

What we can do?
  • We explore every legal platform to turn unfair decisions into our client’s favour
  • Our solicitors have extensive experience in challenging decisions, procedures and misconduct issues in a variety of instances including:
    • Home Office decisions with no right of appeal
    • Unlawful detention of immigrants
    • Investigations and decisions from IPCC
    • Local authority procedures and policies
    • Human rights law breaches

Point based system

Fadiga & Co’s dedicated and efficient Managed Migration team has full expertise in advising clients and preparing foolproof applications and appeals under the UK Immigration Points Based System.

Our Speciality:
  • Our team of specialists in UK Point Based System has high success rate in assisting clients in all variations of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5 applications
  • We facilitate applications from both inside the UK and also for getting entry clearance visas outside the UK
  • Same day service is guaranteed to the clients
  • We can also facilitate decision to be made by the Home Office within 24 hours after application submission
  • Delays are avoided at Fadiga & Co at any cost
  • We ensure maximum convenience for our clients
Who can apply under Point Based System?
  • Employers trying to recruit from outside the UK
  • Skilled job-seekers looking to work in the UK
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students

Unlawful detention

  • The European Convention on Human Rights 1950 was incorporated into English Law through the Human Rights Act 1998.
  • It protects most fundamental human rights including that of freedom from unlawful detention.
  • Freedom from unlawful detention is also called the right to liberty and security.
  • It is defined under Article 5 ECHR
  • The law states that no-one will be deprived of their freedom except in specific circumstances (e.g. when convicted by a court)
  • If you have been unlawfully detained then you can bring forth a claim and put the Police, immigration officials and/or other state institutions to account for their decisions
  • Fadiga & Co is UK leading firm which specialises in unlawful detention cases
  • Our committed team of expert solicitors have been bringing and winning complex and controversial cases in this category for years
  • We promise to fight on your behalf to ensure that you are able to enjoy your basic human rights


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